10 ways to pleasantly surprise a girl on a date

What can please a girl? Or how to make something extraordinary for her? Read in our review.

Even after a long relationship, it’s still worth to do this! Surprise and delight from unexpected actions will be even brighter especially if this person familiar to you. In this article, we will tell you about some tips. All they are completely real and superb, they work effectively. The mood will be better, the relationship will be tuned again, and the smiles on the faces of your sweetheart will be OK.

  1. Meet her from work, hug and immediately give her a passionate verse about no less passionate love! Suddenly, funny, romantic.
  2. Send in advance a letter in which you frankly describe how much you love this person, what emotions you experienced during the meeting, what you are feeling now. What her features you what makes you crazy, and what is simply cute. What this person brought into your life. In details – sincere and vividly. Do we think it is not necessary to mention that the letter should be paper and handwritten?!
  3. Arrange a day of SMS bombing – with declarations of love! At least 50 ones.
  4. While walking, unexpectedly turn into a courtyard and drag your loved one on a swing. You will not believe how ordinary children’s entertainment can add a twist to everyday life and bring back the freshness of perception. After joint short flights, you will return by other people.
  5. Arrange a trip to a restaurant … which is located in another city! Go for the weekend to another city – by car, or by train. What could be more unexpected? New city – new impressions – refreshing of feelings
  6. Arrange under the windows of the house fireworks. At night. Late night! And wake your loved one and ask to go to the window. If you live together? Nothing prevents you from coming back after your surprise: hope the meeting expects to be warm.
  7. Serenade under the window – a way to kindle hearts and heat the love heat of all times.
  8. For the winter: take a big thermos with hot tea, make sandwiches, dress warmly, and go camping in the woods or park! There will be enough impressions for the whole day!
  9. For summer: cook a delicious hot dinner, wrap it up and go to see the sunset on the river bank. And you can do this on the roof, why not? One thing is important – the mystery of the passing day, a special place and you together.
  10. Another option to surprise a girl is to find you together in an unusual setting: rent a room in a luxury hotel for the night, or take a tent at sunset and go to the forest.

So there are a lot of options and it’s up to you what the best is.

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