Online Dating With the Women Over 40

What did you think after reading “DATING WITH LADIES 40+”? Well, of course, something skeptical, like, “Is it possible?”, “Is it real when there are, how many young people cannot arrange their lives? And you do not compare yourself with the young … Think about yourself and know, dating after 40 and 50 years can be successful, and there is a chance to find love and soul mate at any age! I recommend you to try

It is interesting to listen to the opinions of the women themselves how it is – to look for happiness online at a mature age.

Lisa, 43

We started a dispute with her about the online dates and how to build relationships in the “age”.

  • Her youth was hot, she had a lot of men if she didn’t like something and sex on the first date used to be almost the norm in order to make conclusions from the very beginning. Later she began to understand that she badly needed something more. Despite that gentlemen paid attention to her stylish look and treated her 10 years younger, she decided to make a profile on a section.
  • There were long relationships in her record. But there were many reasons not to create a family and the break was painful for both. After that, for a long time, she did not even want to hear about new relationships. She waited for several years. For the last couple of months, she began to filter requests of a possible soulmate and went to dates.
  • It’s very cool to communicate with men distantly, moreover, such that men didn’t lose interest in her, but for some reason, she doesn’t have a desire to translate relationships into sex. Despite the fact that before she was very hot. Maybe it’s age?
  • Now the woman wants to build relationships not through sex, but through common values and attractions so that lovemaking is a logical conclusion. Not a reward, but a natural logical adult step.

So the question is: do many men from the Internet like this scenario? Yes, of course, someone can say that it’s not an option for them, while others respect her position.  The lady has said that thanks to she found herself, although in her youth everything was different

Nina, 45

She is very vivid and easy. Once upon a time, she met online a nice Italian man. After a year of texting, she went to Italy on a tour and there she met her future husband. On the first evening, there was a tough sex a week, he practically did not let her go on his own, after 3 months they got married. She left her homeland, Russia,  BUT he demanded her to work what she didn’t expect. She lived in Italy while working for Russia remotely, and her husband insisted that she sell everything that connects her to her country. In short, her partner tried to control her. The lady is not very happy, but she is glad she is not alone.

So read the stories and make conclusions.

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