Top 5 Mistakes When Meeting Online

Read about the major five mistakes of men on dating sites. Women are not only those “pretty blonds” with total gaps on dating sites. Men also make mistakes. You will easily recognize your “friends” who are the same as you.

Girls’ Gaps

It seems to you that you make your best to attract and retain attention when meeting, and what you do seems to be OK. But a positive result still does not happen. First of all, learn what mistakes make girls most often during dating.

F.e. without waiting for the reaction from the man, immediately leave the chat. If you ask something, then this is just a reason to start a dialogue! Take a pause. Do not ‘run away’ immediately! Let him already feel awkward and think about how to compensate a pause that may arise at the moment of your waiting, while you are standing still after his answer.

And then, gays, these are your mistakes:

  1. A page with the photos from the last wedding

When the only photo in a suit is a photo from the last wedding, with the hand of the former wife cut off on the shoulder – this is a total failure! God forbid despite this is the wedding that was 15 years ago. Because then you can wait for a big disappointment at a live meeting.

  1. His selfie in the car

Men think that photography in a car is a half success. But not even the fact that this Porsche or Bentley belongs to them. At the same time, they will still hope that after a photo in an expensive car, a woman will not care how much money they have.

  1. Mandatory photo: “I am a fisherman”

Without the photo “I and the fish hooked by me” there is simply no pass to the Internet universe, but the size of the fish is a special indicator. The more it is, the better you are. But what if the lady in question doesn’t care about this hobby.

  1. Section “Personal details”: “in private messages”, “long time to write”, “ordinary” blah-blah-blah.

The males are so lazy that they cannot even fill out their profiles on the site and write in the sections “About Me” and “I am looking for.” And Mr. X will not even read your profile, he will immediately write “Hello, will you give the phone number?”

  1. No picture at all

Some dudes do not place a photo at all or download that one only in glasses. And then they wonder why girls do not write them or there are no responses to the messages. Maybe his eyes are kind, but we will not see them. Both men and women make mistakes on dating sites. And then they wonder there is no result of their search, why they receive letters from those people they don’t like at all.

Therefore, it is better to act this way: first, study all the rules of online dating and then apply to a dating platform.

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